Monika Testimonial [pecanbread] Rebekka failed her test!

Dear Friends, I have been part of this group for over 2 years. Have not been that active but I have benefited a lot from all the things you have written. I started the SCD journey for my then almost four year old severely autistic daughter. Just two weeks ago the psychologist who gave her the original diagnoses saw her again for a re-evaluation. He says that she no longer meets the criteria for autism. This is one time I am glad that she failed her test. Rebekka has lost her diagnoses! I am sooooo happy that I do not know whether to laugh or cry. And I still have a hard time believing it, even though I have seen the dramatic change in her life. Thank you everybody for all the helpful comments you have made. SCD brought my daughter back that I had lost to autism, and I am forever indebted.  

Monika Guanel :)