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Project Outline
Bianca Nyavingi Brynda

The project is going to be one hour Documentary film shot on Digital video.There are over 10 million people in North America silently suffering from Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome & ulcerative colitis. There is no cure for these diseases, but main stream doctors suspect it is caused by some kind of bacteria. Even though there has been lots of research done, there are no clear answers. Treatment usually depends on steroids and surgery.

We will be documenting stories of people suffering from IBD, which includes Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Our target audiences are people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all different cultures. This disease effects not only the elderly, but children as well as people of all ages.

The introduction will present the facts that are known about IBD by the doctors and researchers in the field.Dr. Greenberg, Head of Gastroenterrology in the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto will explain the latest findings.

Dr. Mark Pimental from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles will talk about the breakthrough research linking intestinal bacteria overgrowth to irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr. Helen Mac Rae, M.D., colorectal surgeon at Mount Sinai, will talk about the Colorectal, Laproscopic Colorectal surgery &Ostomy. Footage of actual surgery will be used along with footage of the standard tests such as Upper & Lower Gi, Polypectomy, Endoscopy, and Ultrasound. Dr. Erin Kenedy will discuss the different medications available for treatment, as well as pain management.

We would like to include interviews with practitioners of Alternative Medicine, such as, Homeopathic Doctors, Herbalists and Acupuncturists to see how they treat people with chronic inflammatory bowel disorders. What can be helpful in the control of symptoms? What can alleviate the gastro-intestinal attacks of pain?

Elaine Gottschall popular author, researcher and lecturer has developed a
Specific Carbohydrate Diet meant to improve the symptoms of bowel disorders. Author of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”, the book in which she presents her ideas about the connections between diet and bowel disease. Elaine's book has been translated into 5 languages and she has now been asked to participate in a documentary film "Little Heroes" produced by Fari International Productions Inc. The film will cronicle the lives of people who are suffering from these often debilitating conditions.
We will include testimonies of people who have been on the diet and are in remission, without any medications.

We will interview Terry Willard Ph.D. recognized as one of North America's leading clinical herbalists. He has studied the medicinal properties of plants for over twenty years. He currently serves as the President of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners and is a full member of the American Herbalists Guild.

All this information is going to be inter cut with our ''Little Heroes", the stories of little kids, their parents, brothers and sisters who will talk about how IBD has affected their lives. The interviews will include people of both sexes, different ages as well as different backgrounds.

My intention for the film is to collect stories from all over the world. Some of the topics could be: How did the Specific Carbohydrate Diet effected your condition? How did the IBS or IBD effected you psychologically as well as emotionally? How does you child deal with being so different from other kids? Did antibiotics played a role in getting sicker. Success stories-No medication-Feeling good-Reintroducing regular diet.

We would also like to interview at least one child and one adult who live with an ileostomy and discuss how they deal with it emotionally and psychologically.

This program aims to inform, educate and enlighten the public about IBD and to document the lives of people who are suffering from this often debilitating condition.
"Little Heroes" is being produced by
Fari International Productions Inc


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