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Definitions and Other Info:


  • A carbohydrate is chemically defined as an organic molecule having the following empirical formula:
  • Cm(H2O)n

  • Carbohydrates are commonly known as starches, sugars, saccharides, and sweets and generally end with the letters ose (i.e. glucose, sucrose, fructose, mannose).
  • For most organisms, including humans, carbohydrates provide a quick source of energy reflected in the term "sugar high". Hummingbirds rely on the carbohydrates in nectar to maintain a high speed metabolism.
  • During digestion, polysaccharides must be broken down into simple sugars before absorption can take place. Indigestion occurs when when the body cannot convert a polysaccharide into monosaccharides. The undigested sugar remains in the digestive tract, feeding resident bacteria. In turn, the bacteria grow in numbers and create gas and indigestion.
  • For humans, dietary carbohydrates are not essential to life. Ancient peoples thrived on diets of low-carb fare. Sweet foods were often a rarity.
  • Body builders often follow a low carbohydrate/high protein diet to build muscle mass.
  • In the past 200 hundred years, the U.S. average consumption of dietary sugars per capita went from under 10 pounds to over 140 pounds a year.
  • For Thought: Bacteria and other pathogens thrive on sugars. Is it possible that a diet high in sugar sets the stage for chronic infections? Are these chronic infections the root of many disease? Please read the New Germ Theory and then decide.
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  • Proteins are chains of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds. They are complex molecules that fold into flexible, yet stable, structures. Most proteins will become unfolded (or denatured) when when subjected to extreme conditions (i.e. heat or chemicals) and become "deactivated".
  • Proteins are the major constituent of life as we know it.If one views DNA as a vessel of knowledge, then proteins would be the expression of these ideas.
    If DNA were Pandora's box, then proteins would be the emotions that escape.
  • Enzymes are special proteins that catalyze the chemical reactions necessary for life.
  • Dietary protein is required for life. Protein defiencies can result in illnesses like kwashiorkor.
  • For Thought: Most proteins contain at least one of the common "twenty" amino acids. If one of these amino acids is lacking, from a deficiency or otherwise, either the protein will not be made or the primary sequence will be compromised with a substitue amino acid. Substitions can lead to unforeseen changes in the protein's structure or function.
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