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Cheese, Lactose, and Goats Galore!



What makes a cheese SCD legal? Is goat cheese acceptable? I know that lactose intolerants have an easier time with it. Is there less lactose in it?


Elaine writes:

There is no question we can't answer. Just joking. With the SCD, it matters little from where the milk comes: goats, sheep, camels, cows, etc. If that milk has been cultured with a bacterial culture and has been aged for at least 6 months, it should be fine. I haven't had time to search this week but I am sure there is a website for cheeses. The wonderful cheese book I am looking at now was published by the National Dairy Council in 1967 and the only cheese it lists, other than those made from cows' milk is Roquefort which is made from sheeps' milk and its ripening period is anywhere from 2 months to over 5 months . which makes it questionable at the beginning of the diet By the way, Limburger is ripened only two months, Gruyere 3 months minimum and I just found that I made a mistake in my listing in BTVC as this book states that Monerey Jack states that the aging or ripening process is different for that sold for table use and that sold grated. This book states that it is ripened 2-6 weeks for table use and 6-9 months for grating. The source I used for the book must have given me the lactose content of grated Monterey Jack.I really hate putting the last two sentences on since so many love Monterey Jack. But we must get to the National Dairy Council's website, so someone go search and let us know. Love Elaine By the way, Neufchatel is not ripened at all so it is illegal. Brie is only ripened 4-8 weeks. But don't get hysterical anyone. Let's check out the lactose content of some of the latter. Dr. Haas had mentioned only Ricotta and Mozzarella to me as illegal.


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