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Do not Blame Doctors



Do you think doctors who ignore the SCD have an evil agenda?


Elaine writes:

Please, we never said "doctors are evil". You have missed my posts wherein I have stated over and over again that "doctors are trained to keep us from dying." We must be grateful for that because some of us did not find the book for a long time and the drugs kept us alive. It is because young men and women going into medicine are CONDITIONED at a young age to believe that what they are taught is all there is and their biochemistry is taught in such a difficult and irrelevant way that they do not realize that all the enzymatic reactions they must learn to change energy into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) cannot be accomplished if the cofactors (vitamins and minerals are not ingested or are taken out of the food). Practically all the enzymatic reactions which comprise so much of biochemistry MUST INVOLVE COFACTORS AND PROPER ABSORPTION, the two ! They are not researchers and are no longer taught the History of Medicine as a REQUIRED COURSE (PERHAPS MCGILL STILL DOES) and they do not realize we are just recycling old research in most of the money being spent or that the pharmaceuticals are in there educating in the continuing education programs. Do not blame the doctors (except people like Holland) they often do not understand the real meaning of their biochemistry course/s. Others have an underdeveloped social consciences and some are trying to cover up their not knowing.



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