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Is IBD inherited? and the Standard American Diet (SAD).



I just wanted to post that I am feeling very good again, since I had recently posted that I was having a very difficult time on the toilet. I can thank the diet as well as the enemas that I take. Now I do have another question though. It is regarding my four year old son. He has a very good diet, he eats salads, homemade yogurt, whole grain breads, very little processed foods, lots of fresh fruits and veggies each day. He eats meats too quite well. I feed him hardly any junk, especially since I started this diet. My question is this: when he goes to the bathroom, he feels sick to his stomach, has difficulty getting it out, and sometimes cries while evacuating. He has very well-formed BMs.....they are shaped like logs (he has no blood or anything, no mucus either) He also goes everyday, and his BMs are not rock hard. I am extra concerned bacause my pattern with UC is similar to his problem, just much much in I throw up, blood all over my stools, etc...(this was when I was really sick). His doctor has put him on mineral oil twice a day for 4 weeks.....and it does help, but I have read that the mineral oil depletes his body of certain vitamins. I think it might be a heredity mother is always constipated to the point of feeling like she doesn't have to have a BM for days.....I am at a loss for what to do. This is not a major problem, but I feel like it could turn into one, and I would like to head it off before it does. Should I put him on a modified version of the scdiet?


Elaine writes:

I think this information is in the archives and if it isn't, please someone put it in because it is so time consuming to repeat a truth that everyone in kindergarten should be taught. You say something about your Mother and son as well as you having bowel problems. And you think it is inherited. What is inherited is that the SAD diet promoted by companies, nutrition deparments including the dietitians they train and most doctors who think nutrition is MacDonald's menu, what is inherited is the inability of human beings to stay healthy on this kind of diet. It is like the Emperor who was naked and noone had the guts to rock the boat. What has been imposed upon you by (not evil people) but by dummies and "I have to earn a living" is not the natural environment for humans and most animals. The diet to which our bodies has become adapted to over eons is a paleolithic diet which includes fruits, nuts veggies and lean meats. The one advantage that our SCD diet has over the normal Paleolithic diet is that we have baked goods which were invented by Nobel prize winner Elaine (my third Nobel prize) and we can enjoy wonderful food without missing most of the junk. Love Elaine


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