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Meat Safety and Organic Meat



I read some emails scaring me about meat- is this a personal problem with meat or a general problem for people on the SCD? Do others have a problem with store bought meat? I am not a big meat eater and have no experience purchasing it. One of the website has a shepard's pie recipe that I was going to try but now I am not so sure (one of the ingrediets is ground beef). Do I have to buy organic eat to be safe?


Elaine writes:

I know it would be wonderful if all on this list had unlimited money and time to do everything in a PURE way. But sooooo many people are going to be discouraged from giving the Specific Carbohydrate Diet a chance if you keep insisting that they must buy organic this or that of buy only certain kinds of meat which would be impossible for some living in outlying areas. It would be nice if we all could afford to be PURISTS but I would like to get all of us off the main culprits and that is the various types of starches and sugars which are causing the main problems. Yes, after they find they are being helped, they can breathe a sign of relief and start paying attention to other things but you are discouraging new people if you lay down such strict laws and other recommendations.


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