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SCD origins



Where did you hear about the SCD?


Elaine writes:

In the l960's or early 70's I was in my bedroom crying because Judy was to have her colon removed at eight years of age. My friend, Martha, called my husband to see if she could come over and comfort me. She lived 15 minutes away in Nutley, NJ (original home of Martha Stewart). and on her way over she bumped into HER friend in the supermarket and told her about my desperate state and Judy (the second friend's child was in Judy's class). The friend, Edith Dearling (her husband was the local pharmacist), told Martha to tell me to call her and she would give me the name of the doctor in NYC who saved her twins' lives at birth (born with, at that time, too often fatalceliac disease). Herb said "no more colonoscopes, if the child is going to die, let her die in peace." I begged and the rest is history.


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