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The Diet Works, It Really Works!



If anyone out there is wondering if this diet works, get a load of this. My son (age 10, CD, major flare last February, including horrible arthritis, SCD since June) just got his blood work done today. We are military living in Alaska. His military doctor is coming up from Seattle, next week, so we had to get the blood work taken care of before he gets here. Well I got the results, and his SED rate is 2. I don't even think people, who don't have IBD, would have a SED rate of 2. It is just freaking incredible! Not only that....he just got sent to the principal's office at school because he through a snow ball at another kid, giving him a black eye. Isn't that great! Well not really, but you know what I mean.... THE DIET WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS!!!!!!!! Love to all of you in the biggest way!!!!!!


Elaine writes:

Now you know why I had to find out the answer to two questions when Judy recovered as miraculously: (1) what is there about diet that can cure a so-called "incurable disease?" and (2) Why was Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas the only one of 15 specialists who told me about the diet? And guess what! I can almost answer the first and tried in BTVC and the second one is more difficult but money and politics and the philosophy of medical education (to keep people from dying by drugs and surgery) is probably tied into the first two. But we are getting more supportive physicians day by day and maybe in our lifetime we will see a change. Good for your family and I treasure your condolence wishes to me along with your husband's and your sonís  "BE HAPPY SOON, MRS. GOTTSCHALL."

When the doctor comes up from Seattle, how do you plan handling it? I would be quiet and say little until he wants to do something dumb or asks you a question. I, too, think the rash is from the drug and, in all good conscience, he should decrease it. He probably does not want you to go off it all, Heavens forbid! But the chances are that he will not even comment on you sonís progress. I hope I am wrong but the girl whose 10-15 fistulae dried up and healed on SCD got no questions at all from her surgeon - was not even interested. Let's hope the Seattle doctor is a good guy.

And to all of you whose cards I treasure, thank you. I have heard from many on the list who had never spoken up - isn't that fantastic!!!!!! Keep us posted.


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