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Toddler: Mushy Stools and Overweight



My toddler has never had a formed stool, always mush. We have wondered about celiac, since my mother has the disease and he also had eczema which seemed to be triggered by gluten. I started him on the scd around 11-12 weeks ago. There has been absolutely no change in his bowels. Of course I have been making some mistakes in the diet, as I have learned new things that are illegal, but wouldn't you think I would see at least SOME kind of change?? I did not start him on the beginners diet, as I was hoping that was not necessary. He loves the nut recipes, but here again his poops resemble nut bread. :) I am concerned because his little brain needs the nutrition at this crucial stage and I am afraid he is not absorbing or digesting properly. He is quite overweight, although I would not say obese, just a very chunky, chubby guy. Can anyone give me some help and advice???



Elaine writes:

surely you must know about the subclass of people with intestinal disorders, those who have diarrhea (your baby does not have diarrhea if the stools are mushy but it sure is one of the pointers to celiac.) Do you remember my telling you about those with UC and Crohn's and just chronic diarrhea who have been overweight for years and cannot lose. I used to speak at Weight Watchers, etc. and found out that more than half those overweight have chronic diarrhea. Of course my third Nobel prize will be won for this hypothesis (first for writing BTVC and second for developing the muffin recipe): the volatile organic fatty acids produced by bacteria from unabsorbed (undigested starch and disaccharides) are absorbed and their caloric value is very high (like alcohol) and those obese people with chronic diarrhea are absorbing these small molecules (2,3,4 carbons) and are practicing rumen digestion instead of normal human digestion. If you do not know what rumen digestion is, it is the breakdown in the cow's first stomach of carbs and the production of various fatty acids by bacteria of the rumen. These fatty acids can be manipulated by the farmer depending on which grain starch he feeds them. In certain cases, he can lower the cream in the milk, etc. Then the cow regurgitates what is remaining and then what the bacteria did not complete in the digestion of carbs, proteins and fats, follows somewhat the course of human digestion. In the grainfed cows, they had an oversupply of grain starch which was fermented into the volatile fatty acids in their colons, raised the acidity and turned on genes in E.coli in the colon which caused the harmless E.coli to become the pathological strain 0157 (?) (I always get those numbers mixed up). All I am trying to say is that being chubby is not always a sign of good health. But I do not want to worry you, I do believe the SCD will kick in once you start getting some acidophilus powder in him.


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