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Clostridium Difficile and Candida?



Are these the same conditions or different?


Elaine writes:

These are supposedly two distinctly different conditions: (1) Candidiasis is an overgrowth of yeast. Altho some yeast are normally present in the gut, because of antibiotic use, etc., they get an upper-hand and the harmonious balance between 400 different kinds of bacteria and yeast supposedly is lost. When this happens, the "territory" becomes overridden with mainly one microbe, the yeast, and their byproducts and characteristics can lead to disease. This theory was first brought forth by Dr. Orion Truss who wrote The Missing Diagnosis. Dr. Truss is referenced in my chapter on the Brain Connection. He mentioned carbohydrates, birth control pills, antibiotic use as contributing factors. I, personally, think his book was very important. However, in years following, others wrote books and some included self-diagnosis which led many people to to diagnose themselves and the test was so inclusive that everyone and his uncle decided he/she had candidiasis. Mainstream medicine recognizes yeast overgrowth and they do have drugs such as nystatin, etc. to treat it. Of course, they do not understand diet on the molecular basis so you usually don't get much help diet wise. I think it is impossible to get rid of yeast overgrowth without including diet. As for C. difficile, it is a bacterium which usually developes after the use of certain antibiotics like clindamysin and is different than candidiasis. But because there is such a hodgepodge of microbial (bacteria and yeast) growth in the gut, one could have one and the other as they ride "piggeyback" on each other and often work symbiotically (one helping the other).


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