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Elaine’s Story



Elaine, what’s your story?


Elaine writes:

I am going to give a talk next month and I am going to start a bit unusally and say "don't fool around with us Mothers. Why, because in the l960's, I was a Leave to Beaver Mom whose whole life revolved around my two daughters and my husband. I could not pass a vegetable  stand or store without buy fruit or veggies and I thought I was doing everything right. Then my 4-1/2 developed siezues and a few months later UC. I  had an uncle who was an Internist in Pennsylvania. He told me of the "best gastroenteroloigst for children" at New York Cornell Medical Center who told me exactly what you were told - get her on prednisone and food has nothing to do with it and it is incurable. After 3 months of prednisone giving her initial remission, the symptoms returned horribly. I lost my faith when the prednisone no longer worked and they were going to take the colon out of my 5 year old sweet thing with long black pigtails who looked at me on the elevator going to that first doctor and said, "mommy he is going to make me better!" I felt that my life was over if this child had to go through semi-invalidism like my Mother who had died when I was 16 after years of yearly operations for kidney problems and coming home worse from hospital than she went in. Herb and I went to every place we heard of - Leay Clinic, Mt. Sinai, etc. and just when we didn't think we could wait any longer for surgery, I began to cry. I could not stop and my friend came to visit me and met a third person on the way who told her that Dr. Haas had saved her twins at birth from dying from celiac and that I should call him right away. Herb was so disgusted with doctors by this time, he refused until I begged and begged.  He said if she were going to die, no more torture! But we called Dr. Haas and my life began all over again. Every night I pray that God will lead me to spread his words of healing throughout the world.


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