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Freeda Vitamins



A brief story...I finally got myself into Freeda's vitamin store this week. I told the gentleman behind the counter that I was on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and without looking up at me, he kind of grumbled, "Elaine Gottschall...great lady...helped thousands of people."  Then he handed me a bottle of the B complex vitamins without Zinc and said, "This is what she wants you to take."  I started asking about a multi-vitamin, claiming that  I feel quite healthy and could maybe get the B vitamins in the multi-vitamin, and he wouldn't let me get it!  "She has a regime and you should follow it" he barked at me.  I managed to get him to sell me a small bottle Vitamin E, and he made me get the lowest potency.  ("Always start low").  This store is amazing and I love the vitamins because you can easily crush them, cut them, chew them--and feel safe that there's nothing added that is illegal.  If anyone comes to New York, you must check out Freeda's.  Don't worry, he won't let you buy too much.


Elaine writes:

I will have to call him and tell him that I switched from without zinc to
with zinc and vitamin C.  Isn't he a doll!  You should meet his wife: she is as small as he is big.  They recently, after knowing them 40 years had to use the diet for a member of the family and it worked.  He is so grateful that I hope I can live up to their words.


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