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Enzymes and Probiotics



Our 13 year old daughter has had indeterminate colitis since January 2000 and has been through prednisone, 6-mp, asacol, and pentasa - all with bad side effects. She has been on the scd since July 2000 and had been fine until December. She has relapsed and is slowly starting sulfasalizine according to Dr. Present's directions. She is very good about staying on the diet because she knows it has helped her although it's discouraging not to be getting better. I need some help in understanding about enzyme supplements - when is an appropriate time to use them, how much? before every meal? what kind? etc. Also, I'm confused about the Protease enzyme in some supplements - is this a no no? Also, we have probiotics which are yogourt and acidophilus by lyosan. I'm certain they are scd approved but I'm not sure when to use them - do you take probiotics when you're on antibiotics? - do you take them with every meal? - how many?
Thanks for your support and help.


Elaine writes:

Although I did not use supplemental enzymes nor recommend them in BTVC, it does make some sense to use them. As you know, cystic fibrosis children who evidently are unable to get the proper enzymes from the pancreas because of obstruction of the pancreatic duct leading to the duodenum or people who may not be producing them efficiently by the pancreas use them. A few people on SCD have found them helpful but I am always so afraid of fillers and additives and so many have recovered without need for them that I really think you will have to make a judgment on your own.

The amount of enzymatic activity for lipases (for fat digestion) proteases (for protein digestion, and amylases (for partial starch digestion) should be considered. I do not have figures for this. But you can probably get the information from your druggist if you call and ask the amounts that CF children are taking for certain age groups. The proteases are the ones I heard about that, if given too much, can digest mucous membranes in the gut. I cannot tell you about the probiotics as I have mentioned that it is a very confusing field. All that I am fairly certain about is that Lactobacillus acidophilus has been used for years and is recommended. I have mentioned that a little lactose or whey taken in the capsule or pill form is OK because theoretically the L. acidophilus will use it and leave little or none for the culprit bacteria. I do not know what you mean byhave probiotics which are yogourt and acidophilus. Do you mean you are using a yogurt which has these in? Good luck and if you are writing for the first time, welcome. Love


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