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New to the Diet with UC



I have been diagnosed with UC.  I need some advice please. I am to new to the diet and have a few questions.  I have had UC for about 2
1/2 years and just got off the predisone for the 3rd time in June.  Usually I am only off of it for about 3 weeks before symptoms become unbearable and I have to go back on it. I have been watching the grains and the lactose for a few weeks and doing ok.  About two weeks ago I started into a flare and have had some bleeding and loose BM's about 3 to 4 times a day.  Anyways, I started the introduction diet and still have the symptoms after about 4 days on it.  Not bad enough to go back on the prednisone or anything. Does anyone think that I am in the middle of a flare?  Should I keep trying and ride it out or what??  Any help would be appreciated. I feel better and I know if I were eating the noodles and bread and stuff that I would be in ten times worse shape than I am in right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Elaine writes:

Keep with it and keep a careful record of what you are eating.  But you cannot, at this point, come to any conclusions so I suggest you stay with the diet.  If you have been on introductory for at least 3 days, then introduce homemade applesauce without skin.  If you quarter and  core apples and put in pot and cook until tender. then you can put them through a food mill (looks like a colander with a handle can be gotten in hardware store for making baby food) and you will get all the nutrients squeezed from the fibrous skin but none of the lignin and othere tough fibrous components. You can add winter squash like baked butternut with plenty butter and wait for a little more improvement before starting lettuce and cooked string beans.  Try and eat the ripe banana and if it is tolerated, you can bake a bunch of muffins (get the flour well ground and free of skins), freeze them, and try a quarter of a muffin the first time around.  If all this is tolerated along with broiled meat patties, keep adding more banana and muffins, etc.


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