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On Doctors



I  have a neighbor in residency here in town. Last year when he and his family moved in (before residency) he seemed like a pretty nice guy, now after only one year he seems like an A-Hole.
Another new neighbor just moved in across the street and he too is starting his residency.....
Sometime in the first year of med school they must have to take and pass a class to become an A-Hole.


Elaine writes:

I told the list a while back that I took a Medical Ethics course in a conservative university and it was made plain to the students that once the student is accepted to medical school, he lives in constant fear that he will be called a quack if he does not following the straight and narrow -drugs and surgery. When I was doing my research I was a grad assistant in a course and the course had to do with animal nutrition.  Don't think I did not make my feelings known about human nutrition and its neglect in therapy in spite of previous years of being used.  Everyone, of course, was my dear friend (because I marked lab reports) and really seemed sincere about their interest in what I was saying.  the flg year I entered the medical school and a grad student in the Dept. of Anatomy and met this same students in the halls and they actually turned their noses up at me - afraid to acknowledge that they knew me.  It was a riot!!!


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