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Anti-Candida Diet



I think that the severe anti-candida diet that I followed for 5 months suddenly caused the chronic and painful diarrhea that Iím now experiencing. Is the SCD better?


Elaine writes:

My famous last words have been "the yeast and bacteria ridge piggback on each other."  That is why I continually use the word "microbe" in BTVC because it is almost impossible to absolutely identify some of the bacteria and yeast conglomeration.  I, too, would like to know which anti-candida diet you followed which would encouage diarrhea.  Of course, in the Missing Diagnosis, Dr. Crook advocated grains.  But if the ordinary person was eating the ordinary diet before reading Crook, then the addition of grains would not do it.  What will do it , is a high veggie and fruit and protein diet along with grain.  So the junk food eaters, eating minimal amounts of vegetables and fruits but eating chips, macaroni, etc. may get away with not developing IBD but developing hypertension, cardiac problems, etc.  If they change to more veggies and fruits, along with high grain, they will have high bacterial and/or yeast growth irritating the gut and then on top of that, the physical properties and fiber aggravating the surface of the gut and adding to the population of microbial growth  with fiber and starch.


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