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Arthritis related to IBD



I'm cold virtually all the time. My hands and feet are particularly freezing. I think this may be part of the reason I'm getting this weird swelling/painfulness in my fingers. They appear to be "infected" from the inside. They will swell and be painful and appear whitish/yellowish when the rest of my finger/hand is reddish. Any ideas?


Elaine writes:

As you may have realized, the IBD is often accompanied by rheumatoid arthritis in varying degrees. It raises its ugly head at the most ridiculous times. A little boy in Alaska had it with the onset of IBD and now it is gone. Others get over IBD symptoms and a few months later the arthritis shows up. But after a month or so, it goes away but it is nasty when it appears. In others, the arthritis does not disappear even when the IBD symptoms are gone. I do not know what is causing your finger/hand problems. Soaking in epsom salts often gets rid of inflammation but check with doctor before you do. I am sorry you are still not puuurfact!


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